Hulu App Gets Kid Friendly Lock Feature On iOS

Hulu takes it’s family friendly image seriously, and to further encourage online viewing they have added a Kids Lock feature on their iOS app. The feature has been on the Android platform for a while, so an iOS is well overdue.

To access the new mode involves a simple click of a button on the app. The streaming service will them add parental controls and only show child friendly content while restricting the more adult content that is available.

Many are concerned about the effects of on-demand and 24 hour streaming services on kids, as they engage more with online media. Digital services do not adopt the traditional watershed used by TV networks for restricting adult content until after 9pm.

Rival Netflix have already released a just for kids section on their streaming service, but most media can be accessed after confirming you are over 18.

The Hulu service costs $8 monthly and can be accessed from a number of connected devices or from a PC.

To get the new feature will require updating your app, and all importantly when your next ready to watch adult TV you just need to input your password.

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