Hulu Adds Video Game Trailer Focused Sub-Page

Like movie trailers, video game trailers have grown in popularity since the dawn of the internet. And as everyone did before YouTube, was the place to be on any lazy day to catch up on all of your favorite new movies you hadn’t even heard about yet. Now, FOX/CBS/ABC owned Hulu wants to provide a dedicated place for gamers to fall in love with that sort of experience all over again.

Watch Game trailers on Hulu

The site, which is already live at provides gamers and those interested in seeing what is new in the industry trailers for upcoming video games–and it does so in a fashion not so different from what Apple does with movie trailers. The site provides high quality trailers, information, and reviews–pretty much all of the essential information gamers of today are looking for.

The biggest issue however is not if there is an audience for this sort of thing, but rather, what can Hulu offer than YouTube and it’s own gaming channel can’t–which recently saw 7 million views for the latest Grand Theft Auto V trailers–and it hit Google’s video site just three days ago. What Hulu, and many other analysts see, is ad revenue.

The new page will become available on connected devices like the Roku and gaming devices over the next few months and will also offer a variety of other videos that focus on reviews and shows on gaming culture in addition to featuring movies and television shows that relate to gaming in some fashion.

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