Hulu Accounts For Third Of Online Advertising

Catch Up TV website Hulu accounts for around a third of all US online advertising according to Comscore. The website generated around 1.1 billion impressions of advertisments during April 2011.

Third of online advertising served on Hulu

That means Hulu accounts for around 29% of all the 3.8 billion online video ad impressions seen by US internet users. The report also shows that Hulu are tops for total advertising minutes at 470, and also the average number of ads per viewer at 45.

The numbers show that Hulu is undisputed top destination for advertisers as their website is only watched by a mere 8.4% of the US population, which puts it in 6th position out of the video ad impression top ten.

After Hulu came Tremor Media Video Network serving approx 603 million video ad impressions for April, followed by ADAP.TV showing 600 million ads.

Other interesting facts:-

  • 172 million of Americans, 81.9% of the US internet audience, watched video online.
  • average length of online video watched was 5.2 minutes, and the average video ad length was 0.4 minutes.
  • Video ads accounted for 11.6 % of all videos viewed and 1.1% of  total minutes spent watching online video.

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