HuffPost Live Debuts New iPad App

Back in August the popular web destination site Huffington Post unveiled its video-streaming network called HuffPost Live, and last week the new streaming features were added to the iPad in the form of its very own free app and many tech analysts believe the new app could be a catalyst that paves the way to the tablet dethroning our televisions in the living room.

The video-streaming network is aimed at Huffington Post readers around the world and allows them to join in on the conversation at hand via webcam. The network was previously only available on fully featured laptop and desktop computers. Now with the app for the iPad Huff Post is looking to take their twelve hours of live programming per day to the mobile masses.

At first glance the app does seem to be quite basic, simply providing users with a different way to watch the live stream–which ten hosts and a variety of guest’s create every day. However, upon further inspection users with an Apple TV can use the AirPlay feature to throw the feed up to their television set, in addition to being able to view the stream away from home.

An integral part of the HuffPost Live platform is that it allows users to interact with one another as well as the hosts appearing in the live feed, essentially giving themselves a voice in a vast world of political and entertainment opinion. Currently the commenting system for the iPad app is a bit rudimentary, however with some feedback that will surely change.

The most interesting aspect of the new app is the AirPlay feature, and when combined with an Apple TV the new video-streaming network has a near lock on not only your iPad but also on your primary television set in the home.

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