HP Develop 21-inch Desktop Tablet Hybrid?

While the ‘most recent innovation’ of a ‘hybrid’ product (based on a tablet computer) has over the past year developed from tablet/smartphone (a ‘phablet’, most notably from Samsung), to tablet/laptop (from Windows), it appears as though the next logical step forward, a tablet/desktop computer, needed to be taken as soon as possible, and HP (Hewlett-Packard) are the company that have realised that potential.

hp_slate21_desktop_modeReleasing the ‘21.5-inch’ HP Slate21, the American information technology giants promise a ‘hybrid Android device’ operating on ‘Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean’, running through a ‘NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor’ with a 1080p display and a pre-packaged range of Google Play-based services.

The headlining feature, however, is the Slate21’s ability to fold a stand outwards or hang on a wall, with the former enabling use as both a traditional tablet, but with connected keyboard and mouse options (pictured) becomes a _folded to stand like a desktop computer or used as a traditional tablet.

HP representative Eric Wiggins said of the new product: “Honestly, that larger screen allows for a better shared experience. This could replace one or two mobile devices in your home that could be used as a shared device for the house. Creating a large-screened device with touch functionality, we thought we could unlock more uses.”

The Wiggins-led YouTube video (viewable below) that helped to introduce the product yesterday described: “HP Slate 21 is an All-in-One PC with a sleek design, powered with Android OS and a 21 inch touch screen, allowing users to enjoy a shared family experience in full HD.”

Joining a range of slates that they have on offer (mainly through Windows), HP’s attempt with Android could overtake the rest as their most notable product on the tablet computer market, although will it live up to the hype the picture brings by the time its US release date (believed to be ‘later this year’ at a price of ‘less than $400′) arrives?

Of course, HP are not complete innovators in the field of hybrid tablets, as some companies have already taken the further step and tried to release a tablet/desk product, but we’ll let that slide for the arguments of this post…

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