How I Met Your Mother Given Season 9 Renewal

In what some of the more diehard fans of the show will consider a little bit of a ‘Christmas miracle’, CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother has been commissioned for a ninth season, after lead actor Jason Segel is said to have had a ‘last-minute’ change of mind on his decision to depart the comedy.

how_i_met_your_mother-castA report from Deadline claimed that the series had been ‘given up for dead’ due to rumoured pay disputes between producers, Segal, and co-star Neil Patrick Harris, until a deal was completed on Friday (21 December), with the show now set to go ahead for another run that takes it through to 2014.

However, it is widely believed that the ninth season – confirmed only after Segal’s agreement – will be its last according to insiders, with the storyline likely to be shaped to allow the mysterious ‘mother’ to be revealed in the narrative story by that time.

A source for the show reportedly said of the potential cancellation: “[Jason Segal] decided to bail and leave the cast hanging. But he just got turned around today at the last second. The show was literally dead.”

With the show now confirmed to be making a return for another year, is the series now starting to wind down after being on-air since 2005, or will it remain popular enough for viewers to end up with even more episodes before they find out the story’s ending?

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