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The Chinese company Hisense have revealed what they hope will be a fresh challenger in the smart TV industry and stem the tide of ‘dongles’, with their Hisense H6 Smart TV.

hisense_logoNoted as being a Smart TV operating Google Services, the company are said to not be limiting themselves to a single new option, with the proposed release of a set-top box (codenamed ‘Pulse Pro’) carrying similar features to their more complete companion.

The H6 is naturally likely to be the more headline-worthy of the pair, and will be a TV that runs on Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean), whilst carrying features including 8GB ‘onboard storage’, a 120Hz panel, and 1GB RAM, powered by a ‘Marvell Armada 1500 Plus HD Media Processor’.

Size-wise, the product is expected to feature a number of sizes from ’40 to 55 inches’, whilst all models will be controllable through either a 30-key remote (complete with ‘air mouse’ and voice search capabilities).

The Pulse Pro, meanwhile, is described as a set-top box containing popular pre-loaded apps such as Amazon Instant Movies, Netflix, Vudu, Youtube, and the Google Play Store., carrying similar features with the exception of a 4GB storage offering and ‘Marvell BG2-CT Board’ power, amongst other alterations.

While there will be plenty of alternatives in the market, could the Hisense duo of smart TV products make their mark once released?

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