HBO Make Enlightened Decision And Cancel

HBO comedy-drama Enlightened will not be returning for a third season, according to the premium network, who have confirmed that they are cancelling the Laura Dern-led series.

Enlightened-TV-ShowIn what is now a complete 18-episode history, the series was co-created by Dern alongside writer Mike White, and starred the actress as ‘Amy Jellicoe’, a 40-year-old executive who has returned from rehabilitation after a nervous breakdown, having experienced a ‘philosophical awakening’ before coming back to working life.

An HBO spokesperson commented on the matter: “It was a very difficult decision. We’ve decided not to continue Enlightened for a third season. We’re proud of the show and we look forward to working with Mike White and Laura Dern in the future.”

In her time on the show, Dern won a Golden Globe in 2012 for ‘Best Actress – Television Series Musical or Comedy’, with the series itself also earning a nomination that year. The critically-acclaimed success does not seem to have lasted long, however, as barely a year on its host network confirms that a renewal will not be made on the format.

While the era of Enlightened is gone, the show will always live on in the hearts….DVD box sets of its viewers. If you were considering being amongst those owners but have never seen the series, trailers for both seasons of Enlightened can be found below:

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