HBO Go Set For Apple TV Inclusion

Two years after its initial arrival on iOS devices, HBO are preparing for a possible launch of their ‘HBO Go’ premium on-demand service for Apple TV.

hbo-go-appThe technology giant is believed to have been in contact with Time Warner over their launching an HBO Go app on the set-top box, with a possible arrival in the middle of the year according to a report released by Bloomberg on Thursday.

The service, which enables viewers an alternative means to watch shows such as Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire, is only an option for users already subscribing to HBO via cable or satellite (as a free addition), though, so it is an opportune time for news sources to remind potential viewers that it is not a different subscription option that bypasses cable TV, but rather a complement to the main channel, although the platform, available on a range of devices, is one that offers a full on-demand back catalogue of HBO’s shows (believed to total over 600 hours).

Any potential deal between the two companies (each considered to be amongst the highest-priced of their own markets) would not only enable HBO Go to expand to another unique platform, but enable Apple TV to compete with the likes of Roku and Xbox 360, who already feature the HBO app through their respective home entertainment products.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently noted of Apple’s ever-increasing presence in the world of TV: “This is an area of intense interest for us. I tend to believe that there’s a lot we can contribute in this space. And so we continue to pull the string and see where it leads us.”

The possible agreement to feature HBO Go on Apple TV, though, will not particularly be seen as one which can have much of an impact on anyone’s thinking, and is more likely to be considered as just another new app for Apple and broadcasting platform for HBO, but will the two companies manage to make the best of a fairly routine arrangement?

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