Hail To The Latest Viral Weather Clip

For some reason, weather segments (or reports on the weather) seem to be a breeding ground for the moments on news programmes with the biggest ‘viral potential’ in this internet age.

kaboohay_hailstorm_houstonThe latest two to emerge this week vary in style, but not in the fact that they are both humorous, with the fastest-growing clip being an interview on KPRC-TV, a local station in Houston (USA), talking to residents following a hailstorm in the area.

One of these people was Michell Clark, who offered a memorable verdict of what the weather was like to experience. Claiming that the ‘chunkers’ of hail were the “size of a quarter, dog-gone,” she added an onomatopoeic description of their impact, shouting “KABOOYAH! KABOOYAH!”.

Hmm… maybe this is better seen than explained, so your chance to add to the 1.4m people who have already seen this segment on YouTube since Thursday (21 March) can be seen below.

As can the other funny weather-related clip of the week, featuring a presenter reading birthday messages and getting fooled by the common prank name of ‘Hugh Janus’ (double apologies to anyone who actually has that name), and the woman who Michell Clark could displace as the holder of ‘most entertaining disaster news comment’, Sweet Brown (best-known for her phrase “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”):

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