Google TV Update Brings Voice Control and Primetime Movie Store

Google are clinging on to the Google TV concept and are adding new features to the latest update that include voice commands and a rebranded digital movie store called PrimeTime.

The new update which launches first on LG devices, has a voice search option which lets viewers search for content such as movies and TV shows, run apps and visit websites without pressing a button. Voice functionality will work on most streaming apps such as Amazon, Netflix and Hulu, as well as Youtube of course.

As well as voice searching Google TV has a rebranded digital video store coming which will be called PrimeTime. The service lets viewers buy and rent TV shows and movies which will be available across a number of Android devices.

The update is launching on LG devices during the next few days and Google will roll it out for more Google TV devices, although first generation Google TV devices will only get the PrimeTime video store update.

Google owned YouTube has also had an update allowing users to send video content from mobile devices to the TV set. The feature lets users browse Youtube video on a mobile device then click a TV icon and watch the same video on the big screen TV.

The new feature also lets viewers pause, browse and skip to the next video whilst playing on the TV, and is initially only available on Android devices and Google TV systems.

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