Google Street View Expands To Include Tardis-View

While Google Street View is a service well-known for its commitment to showing ground-level imagery around the world in a service of virtual tourism, one aspect of their process has always been a commitment to reality, although it has not prevented them from making notable exceptions regarding two of the best-known British entertainment franchises around the world.

google_street_view_tardisHaving made their presence felt in the studios where the Harry Potter film series was created by Warner Bros., Google have taken their more portable ‘backpack’-based camera inside the set used as the ‘TARDIS’ time vehicle in BBC series Doctor Who and presenting it as an integrated part of our reality, with users able to access the famed interior through a TARDIS lookalike phone box at Earl’s Court underground station in London (England).

Going inside will allow Google Maps users to browse around the TARDIS control room and balcony in their most up-to-date settings, and has added to the large number of celebrations occurring on account of 2013 being the sci-fi drama’s 50th anniversary.

As is customary on Google Maps for any popular location or business, the address of ‘Police Telephone Box, England’ has already received a fair share of reviews, with over 350 to its name so far and an average score of 4.3/5, although the level of seriousness applied to most of this feedback is probably on the same level of seriousness as Google’s upload.

While fans of Doctor Who will have to wait for almost 3 more months until the next episode on 23 November (the highly-anticipated ’50th anniversary special’), the more committed fans can just spend hours below making pretend or something with the imagery that is now at their disposal, the way to get inside should be clear enough:

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