Google Rumored To Be Developing Gaming Challenger

Days after the staggered roll-out of the Ouya start-up streaming console, it has been hinted that a huge name could attempt to put the industry on the map, with Google said to be proposing a number of different products to keep up with their biggest technological rivals, Apple.

google_play_logoSuch plans follow reports that the latter are looking to develop a smartwatch, as well as a ‘next-generation TV including a videogames console’, with Google now set to develop competitors in both industries, as the rumours suggest they intend to ‘design and market’ both device formats as own-brand versions, releasing ‘at least one’ by the end of the year.

The smartwatch from Google, which would naturally run on the Android operating system if developed, is believed to be building an ability to ‘connect to smartphones’ via Bluetooth much like their own Google Glass product and Sony’s recently-revealed Android watch.

On the other side of the coin, it is thought that Google’s attempt in the videogames market would be another one focused on improving existing in-house ‘property’, with game-based apps for Android products said to be ‘growing quicker’ than Apple or even those made for console-specific companies (namely Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo). The product would most likely be a follow-up to connected TV attempts such as Google TV, although it is unknown how much in the way of smart TV features Google would implement on a gaming platform, although streaming would most likely be a large part of it as a potential cloud gaming system and track record of similar Android-based devices.

Further rumours surrounding Google also claimt hat they are developing a second version of their Nexus Q ‘media-streaming device’, potentially improving on more negative features of the original such as its price (around $299), and further integration with the Google Play store.

The most intriguing market for Google to enter, though, would be gaming, and although both Apple and Google have declined to comment on their intentions in that or the smartwatch industry, could they end up taking their rivalry to a sub-level of a field already dominated by two other names of high-profile technology?

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