Google Remove Local Streaming Option From Chromecast

The Chromecast streaming stick is rightly getting internet TV fans excited as it allows wireless video-streaming from services such as Youtube, Netflix and Google Play to any TV. But users wanting to stream local files from a hard drive. PC or mobile device will have a harder time as support for the AllCast app has been killed off.

chromecast-google-tv-dongleUp until now, Chromecast users could use the Android app called Allcast (sometimes called AirCast as well) to stream local content and media from Dropbox and Google Drive. The AllCast app which was still in beta mode was due to be launched on Google Play but the latest update now prevents third party apps to stream videos stored Android devices to the Chromecast.

So why kill off a popular feature that cripples the Chromecast? Well Google have TV providers they need to keep happy if they want to secure content deals with companies such as Hulu and HBO. Any method that may help or encourage illegal downloading, or give access to TV content that providers want locked down could jeopardize any deal.

The problem is that Chromecast is based on the Android OS which is popular for being a free and open source system. In other words it is loved by coders and hackers alike, so the chances of Google stopping apps like this are pretty much non existent anyway.

Users will find ways around the restriction of course, and there is still a way to stream your content by mirroring Chrome browser tabs. But surely the whole attraction of Chromecast is that you don’t need to jump through hoops to achieve your streaming goal?

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