Google Plan Smartwatch Competitor Through Android

With the latest major technology format likely to be of the wristwear variety, it is no surprise that there are now reports of a number of industry giants attempting to wade into the fast-developing market.

sony_smartwatchesLeading this charge is Google through their ‘Android’ operating system, with a potential product in the pipeline that would offer a new name to the list of expected market leaders including Apple and Samsung.

Other companies looking into the world of connected watches are Nike and Sony, as the bigger names look to catch up to startup company Pebble, who released their flagship product (the E-Paper Watch) in January.

Due to their rivalry in the smartphone market, though, it will be Apple’s planned ‘iWatch’ and the un-named product from Android that will be the main focus of researchers. However, it seems as though any effort from the latter will be one that does not contain the technological innovations of the Google X Labs (Google’s in-house development unit that has in recent times created a self-driving car and Google Glasses augmented-reality product), according to The Financial Times.

The site instead claims that the product is being created by Google’s ‘Android’-brand development unit, with experts claiming this represents an interest more in commercialising the new product rather than selling it as a premium technological breakthrough. While Android is set to be the brand of operating system used by the Samsung smartwatch, it is believed by Financial Times that Google’s watch, like in the smartphone market, will be a separate competing product also powered by Android.

Technically, it is believed (based on a patent registered in 2011) that Google’s product could boast a ‘flip-up display’ and ‘tactile user interface’, as they look to take on whatever Apple have planned (with the rumoured development coming from a team of 100 ‘product designers’), along with any other companies who have ides to add features to a traditionally simple item of original ‘wearable technology’. Will anyone make a name for themselves in this market once they launch their competitor to current market leaders Pebble?

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