Google Glass Reveal Product Specifications And Anti-Ad Stance

The highly-anticipated release of the Google Glass ‘wearable technology’ has just come that much closer to reality, with several key steps of its schedule now complete.

google_glass_previewThe product recently revealed for the first time their official ‘hardware specs’, ending a long line of rumours and speculation, noting that the eyewear will boast WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth support, along with 16GB of storage, and micro-USB charging capabilities (providing a ‘full day’ of power within one charge (though video recording and ‘hangouts’ were noted as the most power-hungry features of the device)).

Physically, Google Glass is capable of fitting to ‘any face’ with adjustability, while a unique feature will be the headphone-alternative of a ‘Bone Conduction Transducer’, used to transmit data of sound data directly to the human brain through vibration of bones in the ear.

Screen-wise, the product will offer a 5-megapixel camera with video recording quality of 720p, while also providing the same image quality as seen on a ’25-inch high-definition screen’ at a distance of 2.5m. The system will also aim to be seamlessly connected through the smartphone/tablet app ‘MyGlass’, which will aim to support a range of ‘cross-connectivity’ features provided the handheld device is on the Android 4.0.3. (‘Ice Cream Sandwitch’) operating system or above.

The details were revealed as part of the first-ever official ‘product support page’ for Google Glass, giving further credibility to the hints that it will be released commercially by the end of the year.

For now, though, the product is now in the hands (or attached to the heads) of a lucky few outside of Google, after this week app developers received their own early versions of the technology in order to get a headstart on app creation, though the manufacturers have issued a warning that they will not tolerate any advertisements in the software released, nor will they accept any apps that would be of an additional cost to consumers. For once, it seems as though a user paying a high price for a popular device can expect to not have to deal with any money-making add-ons…

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