Google Glass Announce End-Of-Year Release

The highly-anticipated Google Glass smart eyewear product has taken a while to clearer vision with regards to a release date, but it appears as though the chance to see the new product on the shelves is now much closer in the sightlines of technology fans, as the search engine giant revealed that they intend for a ‘fully-polished’ version of the glasses to be in stores by the end of 2013.

google_glass_previewObvious puns aside, a report from The Verge claims that the Google have already released the prototype ‘Explorer’ version of Google Glass to developers for $1,500 each during the Google I/O conference last June, but that the item being marketed for public use will be below that price.

The Android-powered glasses are set to be a new way to display audio and video, with controls set to come via head tilting or voice recognition, taking up the visual appearance of a thin headband containing with an attached processor and one small glass ‘eyepatch’.

Google Glass has already been featured in numerous adverts and promotions, whilst also being seen on people taking the augmented reality system out for real-world ‘test runs’, including most recently Google co-founder Sergey Brin in New York City (USA).

Likely to be the focal point of any planned line of physical ‘Google Stores’, along with the new Pixel touchscreen Laptop, will both unlikely proposals from the American company become full reality by the end of this year?

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