Google See Connected TV In Every Home Within A Few Years

You WILL have connected TV soon

Google can see the future, and the future is online tv in everyones home within a few short years. However they are more excited by the advertising revenue it can bring as the new medium will be carrying Google advertising. They see connected tv as a great way to immerse viewers in new brand awareness and engagement instead of the boring ads currently on offer.

At the Web 2.0 Summit, in San Francisco – Google executive, Nikesh Arora has said that within 5 tο 8 years everyone wіll have an IPTV device such as Google TV. Google already has the internet market sewn up, and seems to think that itheir future will be in the internet TV field.

Google see Google TV and other net connected tv set-ups will bring a massive boost in display advertising, which probably explains why they are so keen to get  Google TV ‘put there’ as it will give a boost to its advertising business.

Google may be seeing the potential here, with billions of dollars at stake, they just need to convince the tv networks that are blocking streaming to get in on the act. Of course, even without streaming there is an attraction to browsing the web whilst watching tv. But with streaming the take-up will be much higher.

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