Google Announce Android OS Usage Stats

The internal race to be the most popular Android operating system is presumably a moot point due to having the same people working on each one, but Google have revealed the latest statistics on which of their versions have the most presence on the mobile device market at this current point in time.

android_jellybean_statueIt was revealed that the latest two versions, the Android ‘Jelly Bean’ (v4.1/4.2) and ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ (v4.0) now have a larger share than the previously-dominant ‘Gingerbread’ (v3.3).

The current figures for the three were noted as 16.5%, 28.6%, and 44.2%, respectively, though version-wise it is recognised that the combined powers of v4.0 onwards (45.1%) now have a presence on devices worldwide just below that of v3 (Gingerbread and ‘Honeycomb’) offerings (45.4%, though 44.2% as Gingerbread-only).

The new versions, however, will be pleased with their reach, with their current combined total representing a large movement forward since running 39.3% of all Android smartphones and tablets in January.

Rounding out the figures, the remainder of the alphabetical sweet treat-based systems (‘Doughnut’, ‘Eclair’, ‘Froyo’, and Honeycomb (representing v1.6 and above)), are responsible for a collective 10.9%, a figure likely to naturally decrease as the years go by, particularly with v5.0 (‘Key Lime Pie’) set to be released this spring.

Meanwhile, with the Jelly Bean mobile operating system being taken up at a naturally faster rate than its direct predecessor, how long will it be before the ‘internal internal battle’ of v4 is discussed by the Google Android team in this measure of statistics?

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