Good Morning America Carries On Online

Arguably the most well-known of America’s major morning shows, ABC’s Good Morning America have revealed a planned expansion to the series that will interest its more dedicated viewers, with an online ‘after-show’ set to air as of next Monday (10 December).

The series, which is generally part of a genre which is most popular around the world as ‘background noise‘ or something to watch while eating breakfast, will be aiming to follow the same route that was offered to fellow ABC series Dancing with the Stars, which also saw an ‘after-show’ given to it in an online capacity rather than the traditional means of being offered via a ‘bonus channel’.

Around the world, online streamed supplements to popular shows have a varying degree of success, but Good Morning America‘s crew will hope that the currently detail-less series (called GMA Live) will be able to offer fans of ‘AM TV’ an added insight into the presenters and possible additional content.

Good Morning America’s executive producer Tom Cibrowski said of the possible attitude towards GMA Live‘s format, and of the chances of it featuring the morning show’s regular presenters (Amy Robach, Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer, and Sam Champion) in some capacity: “This is a chance for our gang to put their feet up and bring everyone backstage right after we get off the air. We are going to have a great time pulling back the curtain a bit.”

While this means that looking for the format of the series will involve just waiting to find out on premiere day, ABC will hope to be able to attract viewers to their online version (set for a ‘9:15am’ start time) to see what they will undoubtedly be promoting in some form on Monday’s TV episode. Will Good Morning America manage to stake a claim for best-known online morning show in the USA as well as in their more traditional market?

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