GfK Reveal Amazon Over Apple In Christmas Tablet Preference

While people around the world look to various forms of technology for a solution to their last-minute Christmas shopping needs, it appears as though the iPad is not even the most desired item in its own market despite the busy period, with Amazon’s Kindle Fire range reportedly being favourable with gift-buyers due to its lower cost.

Kindle Fire beating iPad this xmas

Kindle Fire beating iPad this xmas

A UK survey, undertaken by Nuremburg (Germany)-based research company GfK (Gesellschaft fur Konsumforschung), shows that from an audience of 3,000, the Kindle Fire is the most popular planned purchase amongst those looking to buy a tablet computer (24%) ahead of the 3rd-generation iPad (16%), and Samsung Galaxy Tab (11%) in the Christmas shopper rankings.

However, the order of the top 3 came out differently with the question of what their primary choice of tablet computer to buy in 2013 would be, with the iPad (22%) winning out over the Samsung Galaxy Tab (14%) and Amazon Kindle Fire (surprisingly dropping to 8%), though this is naturally attributed to the increased budget that many shoppers will have over 12 months than in one frantic week.

GfK’s ‘media research and insight director’ Julia Lamaison said of the obvious reason changing market trends: “With the launch of the iPad 3 in March and the buzz which followed, it is really interesting to learn that the Kindle Fire is the leading tablet this festive season. Tablets are becoming an intrinsic part of the household but price is a key factor as people look to buy cheaper models to save money.”

Also discovered was that 72% of tablet users surveyed used their devices to downloaded an app to their desktop computer, while a total of 47% noted their preference of tablet ‘apps’ over web browsers. While this is an interesting development, the more notable technological battle is the devices that such apps are playing through now and in the future, so could it be that Apple’s unique brand power will no longer be the go-to range of devices due to their refusal to take the low-cost route?

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