Geordie Shore Going Down Under For Australian MTV Special

While MTV’s Jersey Shore came to an end after 6 seasons at the end of 2012, the MTV brand’s English spin-off Geordie Shore is showing no signs of slowing down as it approaches that number, although it has done so with far more dependence on overseas ‘special’ seasons.

geordie_shore_down_underFor the latest ‘shore’ being visited that is geographically far from being ‘Geordie’, the cast of the partying-based reality series will be Sydney (Australia), where the ‘stars’ will take residence in a ‘luxury beach front mansion’ and showing the locals their ‘Geordie party style’.

The season (Geordie Shore: Going Down Under), which has already been filmed, is being designed to appeal to the show’s Australian fanbase, with an agreement in place to broadcast new episodes in the UK and Australia (on their respective MTV channels) at the same time starting on 9 July, and while that does mean viewers in the latter will have to tune in at 7:00am (starting on 10 July due to the time difference), with repeats being shown the same day at the more reasonable hour of 8:30pm.

The same process will also be in-place for MTV audiences in New Zealand, who will be able to see new instalments debut at 9am on Wednesday mornings.

The new episodes to Geordie Shore will follow on from previous ‘travel’ series, where the cast stayed in Cancun (Mexico) for season 3 and a ‘European party bus’ (visiting Amsterdam (Holland), Barcelona (Spain), Prague (Czech Republic), and Tignes (France)) in season 5.

Cast member Vicky Pattison said of her experiences while filming in Sydney: “It was the most amazing time of my life… Australia is incredible, the people, the beaches, the atmosphere and the nightlife is like nowhere else. All this made it the wildest series yet.”

While the main news on the show this week is surrounding the release of pictures of the cast’s mansion, MTV’s news release from May focused on the show rather than the house, stating: “Geordie Shore is back to deliver more bang for your buck with a little added sunshine, with the sixth series set to hit MTV on Tuesday, July 9. Our favourite gang from the North-East have escaped the grey skies of Newcastle to fly half way around the world to the glamorous shores of Sydney where they take residence in a mint luxury beach front mansion and show the Aussies how to party Geordie style!

“As the Geordies settle into their amazing new pad in typical fashion by getting mortal, they get the shock of their lives as former Geordie Shore legend and alpha male Jay comes to crash the party for a few days. If you thought Cancun was crazy then you can’t afford to miss Geordie Shore: Going Down Under. Eight brand new episodes full of sun, sea and sex in Sydney launching on Tuesday, July 9 at 10pm – exclusively on MTV!”

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