Gangnam Style Becomes Most Viewed Youtube Video

After spending millions to convince viewers to take them seriously, and tempting advertisers to spend the big-bucks. Youtube still find themselves famous for one thing, the short funny video.

Gangnam style leads the Youtube charts

Well actually, a short funny music video to be correct as South Korean music? star PSY has seen his Gangnam Style video become the most viewed Youtube video ever, after achieving more than 808 million views. It also (unsurprisingly) got the top number of thumbs up ( 5.4 million) gaining the distinction of most liked video on YouTube as well.

This beats the previous record of 804 million held by teeny bopper Justin Bieber and the insanely annoying ‘Baby’ video, and other top ten viewed vids such as LMFAO with their ‘Party Rock Anthem, Jennifer Lopez’s ‘On the Floor, Lady GaGa’s ‘Poker Face’, and Eminem’s ‘Love the Way You Lie’.

The Gangnam phenomena has seen the song the top the music charts in over 30 countries with a major percentage of it’s popularity coming from watching the video.

Gangnam’s singer 34 year-old Park Jae-Sang (also known as PSY) has said that the popularity of the video took him by surprise saying, “The YouTube video never targeted foreign countries. It was for local fans. My goal in this music video was to look uncool until the end. I achieved it.”

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