GameStick Gains 6 Times More Funding For Launch

While anyone with a connection to the video game industry is mostly looking towards two major announcements this year, it is a less heralded and much ‘smaller’ new console that can claim some current headlines, as the PlayJam GameStick, an Android-based streaming dongle for video games, announced the end of their funding drive on Kickstarter, claiming that it ended with the generation of over six times their target amount.

playjam_gamestickOriginally planning to raise $100,000 for a launch, the month-long run on the crowd-funding website saw abn end total of $647,658 raised, claimed by the company to be enough to launch the GameStick console in four different colours from day 1.

The device is claimed to be a fully-powered games console that streams titles to an HDMI-based Android flash drive, and run through a specially-designed Bluetooth controller that is created to work with the main console to ensure maximum portability, in a final design (pictured) that was first revealed last month.

The 200 Android-based titles for launch date (all optimised for larger-screen purposes) will be a lot more than the range usually offered at the start of a more high-profile console’s shelf life, even if the options for the GameStick will be of much lower quality, but PlayJam are hoping to expand on their presence through deals with studios such as Disney, First Star Software, and Relentless Software to provide games to continue the drive forward for the project, set to release in Q2 with a predicted $79 pricetag.

PlayJam’s CEO Jasper Smith originally said of the new product last month: “We wanted to create a games console that helped further our overriding mission to bring affordable gaming to the big screen. Not only that, we wanted to push the boundaries of what has been achieved up to now by packing sufficient power into the most portable of devices, enabling users to carry that experience with them wherever they go. To date, the most accessible route to TV gaming for the consumer has been the traditional games console – this is changing. GameStick gives the thousands of Android developers out there an additional route to bring an affordable big-screen gaming experience direct to their fans.”

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