Game of Thrones Show Battle-Filled Season 3 Trailers

If the previous video promo for the third season of HBO fantasy drama Game of Thrones could be considered a dull teaser, the latest spots promoting the 31 March premiere will appeal to those that enjoy action and medieval battle.

hbo_game_of_thrones_season3_startdateThe ever-popular series, which this week also launched the first in its official ale line, has revealed two trailers relating to the new 10-episode season, though with little supporting information other than the content itself.

The first of the trailers to be released was a 30-second spot promoting ‘War’ in the show, offering a glimpse at some of the epic battle sequences that can be expected in forthcoming episodes.

The second looks at more of the same, under a minute-long video called ‘The Beast’, with more of a focus on action and drama.

Both trailers can be seen below, though hopefully for Game of Thrones fans the show did not use up all their best parts on these promotions…

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