FXX Network Is On The Horizon

There is no doubt that the FX network has hit its stride in the last few years and it is a level of success that New Corp. has been extremely thrilled with. So thrilled, that the media conglomerate wants to build a second network called FXX, which would focus more on comedy and younger audiences in the coveted 18-35 demographic.

fx-networkThe new network is rumored to be replacing Fox Soccer, according to the Los Angeles Times. Other analysts are reporting that the FXX name is all but decided on and the focus of the new channel is not set in stone. “We’re constantly evaluating our programming offerings and this is just one notion we have considered over the past year or so,” a Fox spokesman said in a statement.

Brad Adgate, director of research at Horizon Media thinks that a second channel for FX would benefit the network greatly–which is currently trying to strike a healthy balance between drama and comedy. FX has a huge lineup of popular shows currently airing on its cable network, which include “Sons of Anarchy,” “Justified,” “American Horror Story,” and its highly rated comedy “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

With the amount of content available to FX it definitely makes sense to build a second network branded alongside FX. ” “They’re probably going to get more viewers with a second entertainment network,” Adgate said. “Why not create a second?” The move would be similar to how Turner Broadcasting uses its TBS network for comedies and TNT for dramas. AMC Network is also following suit by airing dramatic television on AMC, while its IFC network focuses on comedies.

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