The Future Of TV Is A Connected, Social, Multi-Screened Extravaganza

Connected TV sales are exploding, bringing with them a plethora of apps and widgets that give TV viewers a less passive experience. However the TV of the future will be better, it will be a connected multi-screen experience that transforms how people watch content.

TV of the future will be multi screened

Currently, the average connected TV set has a mix of convential over-the-top (OTT) TV (free broadcast channels), pay-TV (cable, satellite), pay-internet TV(Netflix, Hulu, Amazon), free Catch-Up TV and some social functions built in (Facebook, Twitter apps) . But the platform has not yet evolved into a cohesive or finished item.

A new report by Heavy Reading Insider says that the boom in Internet-enabled or connected TV will result in providers combining the elements of both conventional pay-TV with free over-the-top (OTT) in a hybrid offering that has yet to form.

Danny Dicks, author of the report said:- “Connected TVs clearly will have an impact on the pay-TV world and IPTV in particular,” but he also made reference to the slow takeup of this new technology by pay tv providers, not wanting to move with the times.

He continued, “The big question right now is how disruptive connected TV will be to the established business models of pay-TV providers and their ecosystem of suppliers, and to what extent connected TV will spur innovation in service design and delivery in what is already a very dynamic industry.” reports that when the Connected TV Summit gets under way next week, the talking will be about multi-room TV set-up. The talk will be of, “traditional platform operators, who can harness connected TVs to introduce multi-room TV with minimal expense, and the advent of multi-screen Connected TV, where CE vendors look to make their connected TV services available on tablets that can sync with the main connected TV.”

If we head over to Mashable, they are looking at the future of connected TV and see thatthe TV of the future will include social media, instant messaging as well as a media hub. They say that presently there are over 30 million US homes watching internet content from digital TV, Blu-ray players and games consoles and rising. According to Parks Associates, less than a quarter of HDTVs were connected to the Internet in 2010, but by 2015, that number will spike to 76%.

Today, early adopters are accessing full-length TV shows and movies, news and information, social networks, music, casual games and more from their connected setups. But how can the industry cross the chasm from early adopters to broad adoption?

For years the television has seen very little change, but we are on the verge of seeing a TV revolution. When you want to watch content in the future, you can choose from any show catch-up stream or movie ever made. You will seamlessly flip the movie from your tablet to your mobile and when your ready you can watch on the big screen tv. If you need to head out, just watch on your smartphone in the car or train.

If you want to tweet or post on your facebook page, check the weather, read emails, book a ticket etc. you can do that seamlessly and without interrupting the show. When you get back home you can send the stream your watching across to the TV again.

All it needs is for the TV of the future to evolve from what we have today, and that is a hotch potch of good ideas, emerging technology and rival providers trying to lure you in. But when it happens, it’s going to be great.

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