Frequency Search For Improvements In iOS Internet TV App Update

Internet TV app Frequency have revealed a new update to the iOS version of their platform, one they hope will provide greater optimization and newer features for their users to take advantage of.

frequency_logoThe free service has claimed to have met several of their users’ most-requested features, including search improvements and enhancements to navigation and user customization to add to current abilities such as AirPlay functionality and full-screen viewing.

The ‘universal app’ is one that brings videos from popular internet sources (such as dedicated video platforms (such as YouTube), social networks (including Facebook and Twitter), and news sources (including CNN and New York Times)) into a place where they can be browsed and viewed via one central hub. The iOS version, released as with other formats in early 2012, is the only edition to have received this latest update so far, with notes that it has been made to fit with the iOS 7 operating system and fixing bugs associated with it, particularly directed towards the iPad tablet computer.

Updates include being able to ‘search for videos and channels’ through the iOS tablet, as well as adding them to a ‘personal tuner’ in the form of customised channels, which in turn offer a user with daily updates regarding new content. Meanwhile, new navigational features allow fast transitions between ‘Guide’, ‘Search’, and ‘Watch’ modes, though one feature that may not seem as positive on paper is the removal of ‘portrait view’ mode, with the automatic screen-adjustment removed to allow a default landscape mode which Frequency believe is easier to work with and more compatible.

A summary of the free app reads: “Frequency is the best way to watch internet video from your favorite sources. This award-winning video app finds and organizes the newest videos from all your favorite publishers across the internet into streaming video channels – just for you.”

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