Freeview Decade Survey Claims Royal Inspiration

In a recent survey conducted by digital terrestrial broadcaster Freeview (UK), it was found that, amongst other popular opinions, Simon Cowell’s talent contest Britain’s Got Talent was listed as the region’s favourite TV show of the past 10 years, beating out the return of BBC franchise Doctor Who.

However, the study, which interviewed 2,000 UK adults on their opinions of TV between 2002-2012 (which would be considered odd by many until they realise the purpose of Freeview celebrating a decade since their initial launch), did not end with a simple ‘favourite TV show’ question, with the highlight of the results release by Freeview being the discovery of what was voted as ‘most uplifting TV moment’ of the period.

Of all the options that could have been chosen, it was one obviously fairly fresh in the minds of most people surveyed that won the voting in this department, as it was the live ‘balcony kiss’ following the Royal Wedding last year, that took first place, said to be just ahead of the England rugby team’s fly-half Johnny Wilkinson scoring a last-second drop goal to win the Rugby World Cup in 2003 against host nation Australia.

Amongst other ‘moments’ (selected from across all genres including scripted programming, soap operas, reality TV, documentaries, and sport) were popular highlights from series such as EastEnders, Doctor Who, The Office, Formula One, and Only Fools and Horses. The top 20 list in full can be seen at the bottom of the page.

Meanwhile, Freeview used the survey to take the opportunity to see popular opinion on the state of the TV industry in the region, with results including that around 20% of those questioned believe that British TV has ‘never been better’, while ‘33%’ believe it to be ‘the best in the world’. Other results included that it is a minority of people who now prefer live TV content ahead of ‘on-demand’ or ‘timeshift’ methods, as nearly 30% claimed to support the more linear and traditional approach over the newer ones.

Impressionist and comedian Jon Culshaw, who presents a new online browser game (The Genirosity Game) on the Freeview website that celebrates their 10 years in action, said of the results of the uplifting TV survey: “Everyone loves getting the flags out and having a do for a good old royal wedding. We love a memorable sporting triumph or wondrous wildlife spectacle. So it’s no surprise that they’re all over the list of the nation’s most uplifting TV moments. Here’s to another ten years of uplifting telly.”

Freeview UK’s Top 20 ‘uplifting TV moments’ (2002-2012):

20) Let’s Dance For Comic Relief – Robert Webb’s performance [’09]
19) Formula One – “Lewis Hamilton wins the World Championship” [’08]
18 ) Downton Abbey – “Lady Mary and Matthew get together” [’11]
17) The Apprentice – “Tom wins after being on the losing team” [’11]
16) 2004 Olympic Games – “Kelly Holmes wins 800m gold medal” [’04]
15) Top Gear – “James and Richard convert a Reliant Robin into a space shuttle” [’07]
14) Sport Relief – “David Walliams swims the River Thames” [’12]
13) Gavin and Stacey – “Smithy crashes Nessa’s wedding” [’10]
12) Vicar of Dibley – “Puddle scene” [’06]
11) Doctor Who – “Rose defeats the daleks” [’05]
10) The Ashes – “Freddie Flintoff consoles Brett Lee” [’05]
9) The Office – “Tim and Dawn’s kiss in the final episode” [’03]
8 ) Planet Earth – “Emperor Penguins end of winter scene” [’06]
7) Britain’s Got Talent – “Susan Boyle’s audition” (2009)
6) 2004-05 UEFA Champions League Final – “Liverpool’s comeback” [’05]
5) EastEnders – “Alfie comes back for Kat” [’05]
4) I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! – “Jordan and Peter find love” [’04]
3) Only Fools and Horses – “Delboy and Rodney bring an illegal immigrant home” [’02]
2) Rugby World Cup 2003 – “Jonny Wilkinson’s winning drop-goal” [’03]
1) Royal Wedding – “Will and Kate’s balcony kiss” [’11]

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