Freeview Attempt Pay TV Conversion

English free-to-air broadcasters Freeview have not ever really needed much of a marketing campaign to draw users due to the cheap and convenient nature of their TV service for those that accept it, though they have revealed plans to get more ‘aggressive’ in the market by attempting to steal back pay-TV customers from the likes of Sky and Virgin Media.

Freeview_ChannelsThe provider, which offers a digital terrestrial line-up of channels, have announced statistics which show 95% of the UK’s ‘most popular TV content’ (excluding sports and movies) is available on a channel provided by Freeview at no charge, in an attempt to lure pay-TV customers that would rather save money than ensure access to the additional 5%.

While Freeview does hold the status of the most ‘dominant platform’ in the region, their subscription-free service does face continuing pressure from cable and satellite providers involved with pay-TV, along with fellow free-to-air brands YouView and Freesat.

Their new advert, regardless of whether or not it includes their trademark ‘balloon’ promos (pictured), will feature the 95% statistic when it airs at the end of the week on ‘the main terrestrial channels’, as marketing director Guy North explained: “It’s quite a departure for us its a bit more punchy and a bit more aggressive than what we have done before but that feels right for us, for where the market is and also the mood of the nation as well.

“If we are positioning ourselves as being the consumer champion it’s right we make sure all consumers have information they need to make the right decision for them. We are confident that by pointing out the key fact within the advert we will help them make that decision. That figure is taken from Barb figures and would have been higher if we hadn’t taken out one off programmes. Ten years ago it probably would have been higher than that but the key fact is that where we are now in a market place with strong pay TV providers that statistic is pretty stunning.”

While there are plenty of people who subscribe to pay-TV for a specific reason (hence no sports or movies being included in the survey), will any of those that ‘have it all’ at their fingertips be convinced that they can ‘have it most’ for a much lower one-off cost?

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