Free DVD Rippers – 3 Of The Best Reviewed


So why would someone need to rip their own DVDs? DVD rippers give you the ability to store all your DVDs and home movies in one location. This is extremely helpful for organization and storage. With DVD ripping software it’s possible to store all DVDs on your computer or other storage device. Storing DVDs in one location reduces the possibility of damage, theft, and loss. DVD ripping software will allow you to make full backups of all DVDs available by “ripping” a copy of the disk image. Most DVD rippers will allow you to burn additional DVDs as well. It’s possible to choose how you would like to store your DVDs and home movies, digitally or physically.

DVD-RippingFurthermore, DVD rippers can also function as video converters. For instance, video file formats can be converted from one format to another. This can remove some of the trouble of installing the latest codec on your machine. Additionally, converting video file formats can also make it possible to watch video on both Mac and PC, tablet or smartphone.  A DVD ripper will help users store and DVDs, backup DVDs, and also give more options when watching movies.

This is a follow up to our already reviewed a selection of DVD Rippers, and don’t forget – You can only legally rip DVD discs that you own and you need to keep the original!

DVD Cloner Platinum

DVD Cloner Platinum 7 has the ability to support not only DVD ripping, but also Blue-ray ripping. DVD Cloner Platinum is an excellent resource as it will also perform as a video converter as well. Is extremely versatile and allows you to gain full control of your multimedia video library. It functions as a DVD ripper and burner, Blue-Ray ripper and burner, and a video converter to form a complete video powerhouse solution. DVD cloner Platinum 7 is extremely easy-to-use. One only needs to insert the disc, rip the disk, and then insert a blank disc for copying.

There are a number of preset options to choose from to make these tasks as easy as possible. In most cases, these tasks can be accomplished in order by the clips. Additionally, multiple video files can be burned to the same disc. Unfortunately, DVD Cloner Platinum 7 lacks support for virtual drives and mounting image files. It is more than acceptable for ripping and burning, but users needing to manage virtual drives will run into difficulty. With this software program, managing virtual drives will require purchasing additional software.

Clone DVD

Clone DVD 2, created by SlySoft, is one of the easiest to use DVD ripping software around. Users of Clone DVD 2 will not need to worry about learning curves with this software as the interface is very intuitive. In our book, this is a huge plus because converting DVDs to video files is very simple. There are plenty of DVD rippers to choose from, but Clone DVD 2 is by far one of the simplest. However, being simple does not take away any of the features this program will provide. There are a few drawbacks though. Clone DVD 2 is not come with support for iPods and similar devices. Additionally, other software packages will need to be purchased to bypass security in order to create backups. Keep in mind, this program is a simple DVD Ripper with plenty of features for DVD ripping. However, additional functionality or other DVD needs is not included. Because this is not an all-in-one package, it’s extremely affordable price may cost more money in the long run it doesn’t need to purchase additional software. For instance, iPod support will only take place by purchasing one of their other software programs, Clone DVD Mobile.

Corel DVD Copy

Corel DVD Copy 6 will allow users to rip DVDs. But it will also allow users to convert DVD files to AVI format for iPhones, PSP, hard drives, or other DVD discs. Completing this task is as easy as pointing and clicking. The simplicity of this program does not take away from the features they provide. In fact, this is extremely confident DVD ripping software. It even includes DVD burner capabilities with resources to organize your multimedia library. Individuals who regularly rip DVDs will find this to be an extremely competent program. With this program, videos can be successfully transferred from DVR to iPhone to laptop and back again. Other machines, files, and codecs supported include TiVO, DivX, AVI, and MPEG. The ability to transfer programs from your TiVO to a DVD disc will come in handy. One thing worth noting is Corel DVD Copy 6 risk fact for copyright law. Therefore, users may have some difficulty gripping some DVD. However, burning and ripping of home movies will be extremely easy. Any beginner should feel extremely comfortable with this program.


DVD ripping and burning is important for backing up and organizational purposes. There are many programs to choose from. We decided to cover the three most popular we found. However, choosing the program that is right for you may take a little bit of research. But of these free programs, our pick is DVD Cloner Platinum 7.

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    “But of these free programs, our pick is DVD Cloner Platinum 7.”

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    The three DVD Rippers above is useful,I usually use Xinfire DVD Ripper.

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