Foxtel Play To Bring Expanded Internet TV To Oz

Australian pay TV company Foxtel is set to launch an expanded internet TV service that negates the need for a subscription and any set-top box, and will allow users to watch premium content on a streaming pay as you watch basis.

Foxtel-mobile-appThe service called Foxtel Play is due to launch in June, and lets Australian viewers opt out of expensive subscription contracts and stream content to a number of connected devices such as computer, smart TVs, tablets, phones and games consoles.

Foxtel Play will replace Foxtel On  and prices will start from $25 per month. Foxtel Play will let viewers pay from their device of choice and give access to 2000 titles on 40 different channel.

The move will enable Foxtel to compete against the growing threat of internet TV services, and will compliment the existing Foxtel Go app which has been downloaded half a million times. The new service will give lots more flexibility to the existing IPTV packages and will allow customers to customize content delivered.

Speaking of the plans, Foxtel chief executive Richard Freudenstein said, “Foxtel Play develops our ‘off the box’ internet-TV products by expanding on the existing Foxtel on Xbox 360 and Foxtel on Internet TV services to provide one Foxtel internet TV offering across multiple devices.”

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