Fox Sitcom Dads Has Full-Season Boost Cut

While it had previously been able to enjoy some celebration at having its first season order extended, new Seth MacFarlane’s live-action sitcom Dads will have to scale back a little on their cheers after Fox have reportedly trimmed their order by a small amount.

dads_fox_adHaving entered the 2013-14 television season with 13 episodes planned, Fox latched onto the success of the format by extending the first season to 22 episodes recently, but have now made the decision to only air 19 for the year, according to a fresh report.

The decision to drop 3 of the 9 extended instalments is one which is being performed to create room for planned new Fox shows including fellow comedies such as Enlisted and Surviving Jack.

The sitcom stars Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi as two best friends and successful video game entrepreneurs who have their lives changed when their fathers move in with them, though it will be a storyline that has a little less to be seen for this season at least. With the result still being a net gain of episodes since the premiere date, though, will Seth MacFarlane’s newest non-animated project be in a good position to remain living with Fox?


And if Seth Green has any trouble finding the right emotions on-set as the episode count rolls on, then he of course has many of his own past experiences on-screen to look back upon for ‘comedic daddy issues’, in animation and in live-action:

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