FOX Introduces New App Functionality

On Tuesday Fox Broadcasting Co. announced the launch of a fully-featured suite of mobile and tablet apps that will further enhance its presence in the second-screen companion app market and the television streaming market. The apps will also provide an in-app commerce functionality for consumers. In terms of video streaming, FOX plans to offer next-day full episodes through their streaming app.

“Fox has, by far, the most socially engaged audience of any broadcast network, so we’ve built these Fox Now apps with the goal of extending that experience,” said David Wertheimer, President of Digital for Fox Broadcasting Company. “Fox Now is a huge next step for us as we work toward providing Fox fans with the content and communities they love.”

The new suite of apps will be called “FOX Now” and will take advantage of existing app architecture currently in place, specifically its second-screen companion app. That app, which is currently only available on iOS platforms allows viewers to easily catch-up with their favorite FOX shows and partake in conversations about them with their friends or family. An Android edition is currently being designed.

As for a video streaming app, which will compliment FOX’s second-screen companion app, is currently live on Windows 8 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 gaming platform. The FOX Now video streaming app should be launched on Samsung Smart TV’s later this year. The app will provide further next-day full episode airings for a majority of FOX Broadcasting Co. content.

As for the in-app commerce functionality, FOX will be partnering with American Express, who has created a patented way to connect and engage with television audiences, while allowing them to shop in real-time.

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