Fox Give Families A Boost With Animated Renewals

Seth MacFarlane’s roster of animated series is set to continue for a little longer yet, as both Family Guy and American Dad! were given contract extensions to see them add one more series (taking them through to at least 2014) on their run on Fox, with The Cleveland Show‘s potential continuation set to be discussed another time.

Both being given a new 22-episode season, American Dad! will be back for an 9th season since premiering in 2005, while 1999-startup Family Guy is now guaranteed an 12th, with both set to air the year after next in September as part of host network Fox’s Sunday evening ‘Animation Domination’ programming block.

Fox claim that in the meantime, with a longer period in which to make a choice, they have postponed their final decision on ordering a fifth season of The Cleveland Show, with the Family Guy spin-off still to air its fourth later this year after the third (currently airing) concludes this month on the same schedule as its network counterparts.

The three were notable for last year airing a cross-over night called Hurricane, which featured an episode from each series linking in with the others into the themed story, the first time the characters from each MacFarlane show had been incorporated fully into the same plot, an event which had been postponed for a year due to a real-life hurricane in the USA at the time.

Other Animation Domination shows that have been discussed in the past few months include The Simpsons (which had been renewed to season 25), Allen Gregory (cancelled), and its mid-season replacement Napoleon Dynamite, (currently yet to be renewed). Meanwhile, Seth MacFarlane’s remake of The Flintstones has been delayed until further notice, while his other planned new shows (including a female-centric pilot starring Family Guy‘s Alex Bornstein as its lead voice), do not yet have further details.

With a Fox-Activision video game also being released in Q3-Q4 of this year (Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse), it will be an exciting time for any fan of animated comedy shows (especially including Comedy Central series South Park, who also have a new batch of episodes and a video game (South Park: The Stick of Truth) for the second half of this year), so will similar news be reported this time next year?

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