FilmOn Air Service Brings Streaming TV To PC And Mobile Devices

Online TV service FilmOn which hit legal problems soon after launching, is releasing an AIR dongle streaming service. After receiving a dongle that can plug into a range of computers (Mac and Windows), smartphones and tablets, users can watch over-the-air network and local TV streaming.

FilmOn AIR service coming in Feb 2012

The firm announced today that FilmOn AIR dongle will be shipped free to all its subscribers of their virtual cable network, so they can watch local network television and record content, a kind of mobile online TiVo.

Subscribers pay $149.95 yearly for the lowest streaming package and the FilmOn AIR system will cost $95.95. The existing app streams 120 online channels.

But looking at their website or app that let viewers watch channels such as NASA HD, Al Jazeera, TBN, and a selection of sports channels. you may struggle to find any well known broadcasters such as ABC, CBS, Fox or NBC. The US networks are not too happy with FilmOn rebroadcasting their content.

FilmOn are currently in mid legal battle with the American networks and are fighting the rebroadcasting restrictions placed on them.

The AIR tuner device would be a legal workaround and allow over-the-air broadcasts to be viewed and recorder on iOS and Android, as well as Windows and OS X.

Speaking about FilmOn AIR, founder and CEO, Alki David, said in a press release, “In 2010, FilmOn ended up in an ongoing legal battle with all four of the major networks CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX, over FilmOn’s right to carry their signals over the Internet. The case is ongoing and FilmOn expects to settle the dispute this year,”

He continued, “FilmOn has licensed over 120 HD online television channels and has even launched its own College Sports and Live Soccer Channels, but the challenge has been in legally bringing major network programming to our line-up whilst respecting the networks’ traditional business models.”

Visit FilmOn for more info.

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