Family Guy Producers Plan Female-Centric Animation

Seth McFarlane is thought to be preparing to break his traditional mould of animated programming with a new series that features a female as the lead character.

While current cartoon leads in McFarlane’s roster of shows include Peter Griffin (Family Guy), Stan Smith (American Dad!), Cleveland Brown (The Cleveland Show), and a soon-to-be revival of Fred Flintstone (The Flintstones), all of whom seem to fit the character description of ‘fat and (or) stupid dad’, will be joined by a headline character, a move revealed by Alex Bornstein, the voice of Lois Griffin in Family Guy.

She will be working alongside Seth MacFarlane on the project, though the only confirmed detail is the focus on a female lead character, which Bornstein may or may not play.

She said of the developing series: “It’s me and Seth, and another producer named Gary Janetti. We’re kind of raring to go and just waiting to get the green light to start setting up and writing – so it’s very exciting! It has a family and the central character is a female character, which is something different for Fox, and for Seth, and for everyone! I think that the last female-centred animated show that I can remember was Daria [MTV show between 1997-2002].”

Borstein added that while she is expecting flagship series Family Guy (which began in 1999) to continue for around ‘four or five more years’, she believes a movie would be the best way to complete the series when it ends, saying of the prospects, and the future of the controversial show: “I think it would be amazing, I would love it. I would love the opportunity to have a longer time to tell a story. Having an hour-long format, and a longer time to tell a bigger, more intricate story, I think would be a really cool opportunity for Family Guy. But I don’t necessarily think that one should be exclusive of the other. I think we could continue to do the show and do films, and have a blast. As long as it’s still funny and making us laugh, I think that’s how long you keep going.”

While Seth McFarlane is seemingly looking towards newer series, how long will his original cartoon creations remain in production for?

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