Family Guy Chicken Fight Recreated In Real-Life

While it is currently more than three weeks old, a video starting to take YouTube by storm is a classic case of ‘fan-made parody’, with a pair of stuntwomen using crowdfunding to produce a mini-film that mimics the classic ‘chicken fight’ gag seen on Fox animated comedy Family Guy.

family_guy_chicken_fightA running joke on the show is that lead character ‘Peter Griffin’ will get involved in several elongated and improbable fights with ‘Ernie the Giant Chicken’, a human-sized bird capable of using his fists. Looking to make their tribute to the show and the pieces known, stuntwomen Jessie Graff and Tree O’Toole created the video ‘Epic Chick Fight’, a live-action, loosely scene-for-scene remake of the first ‘chicken fight’ (featured in Season 2 episode “Da Boom”), resembling the characters involved the best they could without resorting to fat suits or full-body chicken costumes.

To film this showdown, the project was publicised on crowdsourcing site IndieGoGo, which pitched the idea as: “In true ‘Family Guy’ style, these 2 women will beat the snot out of each other while tumbling from one ridiculous scene to the next, destroying everything in their path. Expect brutal fighting, broken windows and walls, tackles, high falls, car hits, and wipeouts!  The best stunt performers in the business are volunteering their time.  All we need are locations, insurance, and things to smash! This rumble is going down no matter what, but the more funds we collect, the more spectacular it will be!”

The listing earned the pair $2,995 (just above their target of $2,800), enough to make the video into a well-produced success so far on YouTube with over 750,000 views. Graff noted of the content involved: “We started it the same [as Family Guy] then from there, we put our own spin on a few of our favourite gags, and tried to stay true to the spirit of the original.”

The video in question can, of course, be seen below, along with a compressed version of all Family Guy‘s chicken fights so far (which despite their heavily increased speeds make as much sense as the originals), and a chance to watch someone ‘DIY’ a showdown as Peter (a spoiler alert for those that haven’t played the show’s most recent video game Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse):

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