Facebook Plan News Feed Video Ads

In what will undoubtedly be a very unpopular addition to the social networking site, Facebook have hinted at the introduction of ‘video advertisements’ on user’s ‘News Feeds’ at some point this summer.

facebook_windowReported by The Financial Times, it is claimed that the move is naturally one aimed at increasing revenue for the site, and would see one per day playing automatically, per user.

It is believed that the videos will last around 15 seconds each, with the first advert running audio-free, but restarting should the user profile holder activate the sound. While not yet given official confirmation, it is thought that Facebook will be looking to take on a ‘gradual introduction’ of video advertising in an attempt to ‘minimise user disruption’.

The companies that would be providing the mandatory first quarter-minute of your daily experience are also unknown at present, though in the front line for such a prospect would be key ‘Facebook marketing partners’ including American Express, Coca Cola, Diageo, Ford, and Nestle.

In an attempt to offer another means of online advertising, Facebook’s potential strategy will only be seen as benefiting themselves, and with the social networking site perhaps losing a little of its popularity from previous years, could enforcing video adverts alienate more of the users they are trying to make money from?

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