Facebook Integration Lets US Netflix Users Share Watchlists

Netflix have finally rolled out a Facebook integration feature that lets US viewers share what they have been watching. The app which will be available this week, comes a year after being enabled for International viewers.

Facebook-NetflixUS viewers have had to wait for an amendment of the Video Privacy Protection Act by Congress, before the social TV feature could be made available. The law prevented any “video tape service provider” from disclosing any customer information without written permission. In January the law was amended.

The app once enabled will be visible on both websites. Members logged into Netflix can automatically see what shows/movies are being watched by friends with the Friends Favorites, and Watched by your friends rows. Viewing history can optionally be posted on the Facebook News Feed.

Speaking about the new social interaction, VP of product innovation at Netflix, Tom Willerer said, “Facebook already makes it easy for our international members to connect with friends over TV shows and movies and we’re thrilled to now bring this experience to our U.S. members.”

The integration will work on any device that Netflix can run on, so you cannot watch stuff on your phone and hope your embarrassing choices are hidden from view.

The service will tap into people’s natural urge to share good and bad stuff. Willerer continued, “People naturally talk about TV shows and movies and love to share their experiences. Through the Netflix/Facebook integration we want to let Netflix members express themselves on Facebook and provide a digital version of the proverbial water cooler.”


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