Eurovision Back To Basics In Vocal-Only Video

The Eurovision Song Contest has never (even in its early years in the 1950’s) been a judgement of pure vocal ability, with putting on a good show just as important as having a decent singer behind the microphone.

eurovision_teardropsAlmost looking to prove that theory, YouTube user ‘mlgcarra’ has taken the 2013 contest from Malmo (Sweden), and shown what it would have been like in a parallel universe where the sound from all backing singers and music was cut out, leaving the show with only the lead singer’s vocals on display.

The results are not necessarily a reflection on how such a contest would have played out (with the singers presumably upping their game in this department if they were aware they were the only ones making a noise), but does paint the event (won this year by Denmark’s Emmeile de Forest) in a ‘what if’ format of all additional sounds being cut (and probably answered with ‘an American Idol audition room’).

mlgcarra wrote in the description of his video (translated from Spanish): “Eurovision 2013, another year when there was almost pretty clear who would win. Very good show, good songs this year, not many, but my two favourites were in the top 5. I always wondered how the voices sound really, know that the show is live and ALL voices have to be live. How would sound some songs without music and choirs?

“Some singers do not sing at all well, and others have the advantage of good choirs along with the music enhance the final result. For audio using digital techniques and drawing I got the DTS audio show, I gave myself the task of separating the audio by leaving tracks in one sound pretty singer mic only, so you can clearly hear his voice. It is out in the open when the recital of tune. Also 2 or 3 very good voices. Here is a collection of some of the performances and maybe after hearing this change of opinion when tastes for certain song. What if the show gave the possibility for you to hear live, if you wanted, the only voices of the singers? Exchange your vote?”

The videos sampling the ‘singer-only’ rule are viewable below (while the user has also produced a similar video that ‘flips’ the situation and cuts out the lead singers), alongside a compilation of all songs from the ‘real’ final to bring you back to normality. Who relies on technology and their backing sounds the most? Judging from these videos, the singers from Belarus and Ukraine are two of the ‘most notable’, while the Romanian and Georgian vocal-only entries will make many viewers tense up a little, but the others featured do not get off lightly either…

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