Eurovision 2013 Ends With Danish Delight

For another year, the annual pan-continental TV spectacle of the Eurovision Song Contest packs up and prepares to set up next year’s event, although this time around there won’t be a lot of travelling involved for producers (only around 40km, if current rumours are to believed), after Denmark claimed the leading prize for the music competition hosted in Malmo (Sweden).

eurovision_2013_dk_winTheir prize will be the chance to host the event in 2014, with the current likely destination city being either Herning (at the Jyske Bank Boxen) or Copenhagen (in Parken Stadium), the latter of which is literally only a bridge away from Malmo, potentially the shortest distance ‘between shows’ that did not occur from the same city hosting twice in a row.

In a 26-nation final in 2013 (whittled down from 39 competitors at the semi-final stage), Emmelie de Forest’s song “Only Teardrops”, the runaway favourite before the contest, took the spoils (for the third time in the history of her nation’s participation) with an impressive haul of 281, followed by Azerbaijan’s Farid Mammadov with “Hold Me”, earning 234 points.

In the UK, there was no such high ranking for 61-year-old Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler, whose performance of “Believe in Me” only mustered 23 points and 19th position, although it was seen as a strong improvement on the previous year’s 25th place, and was also the second-best performer of the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) ‘Big 5′ automatic final qualifiers (Italy won the mini-battle in 7th, while the rest (Germany (21st), France (23rd), and Spain (25th) finished near the bottom of the overall standing).

Meanwhile, host nation Sweden (who like the lead financial contributors also took an automatic place in the final) finished 14th (62 points) with Robin Stjernberg’s “You”, while the wooden spoon of the contest came to traditional Eurovision specialists Ireland, after Ryan Dolan’s “Only Love Survives” finished last with 5 points despite having the advantage of performing last in the running order.

Despite her mid-table finish, Bonnie Tyler was pleased with her achievements at the Malmo Arena, stating afterwards: “I got the feeling tonight that I got at the Grammy awards. I’m sure a lot of people will be disappointed on my behalf but I have really enjoyed my Eurovision experience. I did the best that I could do with a great song. I don’t feel down and I’m ready to party. The songs at the top of the table totally deserve to be up there. Of course I would have liked to bring it back to the UK but it’s been a night to remember. What an incredible atmosphere. I really enjoyed that performance, I got out there and gave it some welly. When all those lights came on it felt like magic, all twinkling lights everywhere. I really hope Europe enjoyed it.”

Attendance-wise, the crowd in the arena was estimated at 11,000, while the all-important TV viewing figures totalled an estimated 120m worldwide, 7.7m of which watched from the UK, seemingly signalling ‘money well spent’ for all competitors for a few hours’ worth of prime-time programming.

The results of the contest in full, along with videos of the most notable performances of the night, can be seen below, but of course even with the justified ‘vote for your neighbours’ allegations from the lower-performing nations, it should be remembered that the contest isn’t just about winning… it’s about coming second, then you don’t have to take on the expense of hosting it next year. So congratulations to Azerbaijan…

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 results:

1. Denmark, 281 points
2. Azerbaijan, 234
3. Ukraine, 214
4. Norway, 191
5. Russia, 174
6. Greece, 152
7. Italy, 126
8. Malta, 120
9. Netherlands, 114
10. Hungary, 84
11. Moldova, 71
12. Belgium, 71
13. Romania, 65
14. Sweden, 62
15. Georgia, 50
16. Belarus, 48
17. Iceland, 47
18. Armenia, 41
19. United Kingdom, 23
20. Estonia, 19
21. Germany, 18
22. Lithuania, 17
23. France, 14
24. Finland, 13
25. Spain, 8
26. Ireland, 5


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