EE Reveal 360 Streaming Plans For BAFTA Red Carpet Show

Mobile network EE (Everything Everywhere) already have a ‘loose’ pop culture reference to movies, through using actor Kevin Bacon in a series of adverts promoting their ‘connectivity’, though the telecoms provider, through their ‘EE Film’ division, are expected to have a sizable presence in the upcoming BAFTAs awards ceremony due to their title sponsorship, along with plans to introduce a unique broadcasting technology to their mobile streaming coverage.

bafta_ee_2013_logoThe 2013 BAFTAs (British Academy of Film and Television Arts award) will be an opportunity to relive the best films of 2012, but much of the public interest will also occur before the show with the traditional ‘red carpet interviews’.

EE have latched onto this premise by producing their own coverage that mobile viewers will be able to stream to their mobiles or online, with the aim of giving film and celebrity fans the chance to see the ‘pre-show show’  literally ‘as if they are there’. This coverage will become unique with the means of ‘360 degree camera’ technology, with EE placing four of them on the walkway to enable an interactive and customisable experience for live streaming.

Given the title of EE BAFTAs 360 Degree Red Carpet Show , the production on 10 February will see presenter Laura Whitmore interview stars of films including Skyfall, Les Miserables, and Django Unchained, amongst others, but the run-of-the-mill celebrity chats will be viewable ‘all around’ the people talking.

Said to be a ‘technologically-charged first for the awards’, EE’s red carpet coverage (viewable through either EE’s Facebook page or their ‘EE Film’ device app), each camera will be ‘fully interactive’ with 360 degree ‘gyroscopic control’, panning left, right, up or down through any of the cameras for a completely individual view of the event. For those that cannot access the main and impressive-sounding features, a highlights compilation from the red carpet is set to be released by the mobile network the following date.

EE ‘brand director’ Spencer McHugh said of the broadcasting effort that will take place this Sunday: “For EE’s first year of partnership with the Film Awards, we knew we wanted to do something truly ambitious and to use technology to enhance the BAFTA experience. EE is a brand built around how the magic of technology can improve our everyday lives, and with the 360° show we’re aiming to make what is one of Britain’s most glamorous evenings even better.”

Laura Whitmore summarised: “I literally cannot wait to get onto that red carpet and to host the show. I’ve never done a 360 degree show before but I’ve been practicing with the technology and we’re going to have lots of fun showing a side to the red carpet you’d never normally get to see. Roll on Sunday.”

An EE description of the coverage, set to broadcast live between 5-7pm, added: “Film lovers watching the show will get the chance to see the stars and experience the BAFTA red carpet in ways they have never been able to before. The live show will be produced using four interactive 360-degree cameras which will be situated along Europe’s longest red carpet. Viewers will be able to get a taste of what it’s like to be in the director’s chair, switching between each camera in real time, controlling the action by panning up down, left and right in full 360-degrees.”

While little has been revealed of the technology behind such coverage, EE have unveiled a small clip of what to expect by travelling 720 degrees around Whitmore in 7 seconds (viewable below) with no trailing wires (despite leaving a fairly blurry, almost ‘unreal’ effect), but will this new method take off, or are EE about to trip up over a tough ambition?

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