Dyle Take Mobile TV On Snack Tour

Taking to the road for an unusal method of product promotion, mobile TV service operators Dyle are currently on tour in America with plans of showing shoppers of major cities the benefits of streaming… with a selection of complimentary food and drink for those that will listen.

AudiovoxMobileTV_iPadA campaign being called the ‘Dyle Mobile TV Snack Truck’ will see Dyle put on a series of trucks (complete with snacks as the name might also suggest) to be parked outside outlets of Radio Shack, ABC Warehouse, and BrandsMart USA, depending on location, on a ‘tour’ that will last from 19-20 December.

The purpose of the tour (which will be run with separate trucks for each city due to the logistical problems of being in up to 3 far-spread places at once) is to demonstrate Dyle’s live TV ability through the Audiovox mobiletv product, a receiver designed for iOS/Android smartphones/tablets for streaming at a single cost of the receiver, with the companion free app incurring no charge after the $99 product is purchased.

The first day of the tour (19 December) will see Dyle present in the cities of Dallas, Phoenix (both at Radio Shack outlets), and Detroit (ABC Warehouse), each stopping at two stores in a city for two hours (12-2pm & 4-6pm) in order to provide demonstrations, with spokesmen for the franchises in question on-hand for comments on both Dyle mobile TV and the technology market as a whole. The same process will occur with the second day (20 December), where shoppers in Atlanta (at BrandsMart USA) and Houston (Radio Shack) can sample the focused technology on offer.

Dyle brand owners Mobile Content Venture’s co-general manager Erik Moreno summarised: “We are excited to showcase the mobile TV technology that allows consumers to turn their smartphones and tablets into portable televisions without requiring 3G/4G connectivity, Internet connectivity or impacting data plans.”

Fellow co-general manager Salil Dalvi added: “The addition of the Audiovox mobiletv receiver allows a broader audience to enjoy local news coverage while on-the-go, and we are thrilled to demonstrate the ease and convenience of this device.”

And for people who already have a mobile TV service, or if you just don’t care, then the tactic in play will most likely be: ‘get in, get the “free hot beverages and dessert snacks”, and get out’…

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