Disneyland Ride Big Thunder Mountain Given Show Potential By ABC

One of the biggest and most universal attractions of the ‘Walt Disney World’ line of resorts is said to be the ‘Big Thunder Mountain’ brand of rollercoasters, and it appears as though the ride’s popularity has become the focal point of a planned new TV series from ABC, a broadcast network owned by the children’s entertainment and media specialists Disney.

The untitled project will have a focus on the premise of the wild western-themed ride (which can be seen in the ‘Frontierland’ section of no less than 4 Disney-run theme parks). Despite a lack of details on the show idea, though, the likely western series will be in experienced hands, with Jason Fuchs (Ice Age: Continental Drift) as the writer who will work on the pilot episode, and an executive production role for Fast & Furious writer Chris Morgan.

It is not the first time that a Disneyland ride has been converted to a TV or movie purpose rather than the much-more-popular other way around (with the Pirates of the Caribbean series of films and the less successful 2003 cinematic release The Haunted Mansion (starring Eddie Murphy) serving as evidence), so which end of the success scale will ‘Big Thunder Mountain’ end up on?

For the video ‘entertainment’ that can already be claimed from Big Thunder Mountain, the video of the rollercoaster in action (telling the story of a gold rush mining town struck by a natural disaster) can be seen below:

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