Disney To Begin Using upLynk To Stream Content To Any Platform

The Walt Disney Company/ABC Television Group has been looking for ways to stream content to you on any device and any platform, and on Thursday they finally found the solution in upLynk–a new start up company that is pioneering a high definition adaptive streaming platform. Disney is upLynk’s first customer and while the technical details may leave you a bit in the dust, the aim is to provide users with content on any device, anywhere, anytime regardless of the platform.

uplynkThe HD Adaptive Streaming Platform encodes video content from the cloud using a single adaptive format that is possibly to play on any device, like iOS or Android or through proprietary software utilized by Roku. Even better, the adaptive format is cable of providing streaming content to any PC, Mac, or Linux operating systems–and to a variety of browser combinations on any of those systems. Basically, upLynk is going to change the way major media companies provide streaming content to the world.

The adaptive format relies on a cloud-based storage, which many streaming services are utilizing as we move into the second decade of the 21st century. Where upLynk differs from traditional codec processing is that the software removes the need for video content to be repackaged on the fly, greatly reducing the cost to streaming video providers.

“upLynk is changing the way broadcasters stream video by collapsing the traditional video workflow,” said Ken Brueck, CMO at upLynk. “By using a single, non-proprietary adaptive streaming format across all major devices and platforms, upLynk delivers a simpler, more scalable solution than traditional methods, while significantly reducing costs.”

Disney plans to use the revolutionary adaptive streaming platform to deliver content for the web, mobile and tablet devices through their variety of apps. Of course the system features extensive advertising abilities, so don’t expect non-commercial streaming content any time soon.

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