Disney and Charter Communications Sign New Distribution Deal

The Walt Disney Company and distribution deals became the talk of the world when they signed a deal with Netflix to make the streaming-video service the exclusive home of online Disney movies in 2016. The deal, which has been hailed as saving Netflix for investors will soon be forgotten as Disney announced yet another deal–this time with Charter Communications.

Charter-disneyWhile the deals are somewhat different in terms of content, the new partnership means that Charter Communications cable subscribers will soon have access to expanded Disney programming through a variety of devices. Customers will have access through traditional television, desktop computers, mobile devices, tablets and even gaming consoles.

The new distribution deal entails that Charter subscribers will now get access to several On Demand channels, including ABC on Demand, ABC Family on Demand, and an expanded ESPN on Demand. Several other Disney-branded on-demand channels are also included in the new deal. For sports fans, especially those in the states of Texas, Louisiana and Virginia will gain access to the brand new Longhorn Network which will provide fans in those states with another option to watch college football.

“This agreement enables us to offer our customers additional value, choice and convenience,” said Allen Singer, VP of Programming at Charter. “More and more content is being enjoyed on tablets and other Internet-connected devices, and today’s viewers are sharing their TV experiences in new ways. Our agreement with Disney enables more robust ways to enjoy and socialize TV.” The new deal signed on Monday goes into effect during the first half of 2013.

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