Dish Network CEO Takes On Broadcasters At CES 2013

With CES 2013 underway this week, many are expecting some blockbuster announcements in regards to the future of several technology sectors–and television is one market that many analysts are looking forward to seeing the future of. That said, on Monday the ever infamous Dish Network CEO Joe Clayton announced several new upgrades for his company’s AutoHop Feature while taking a jab at the broadcasters who strictly oppose it.

dish-network-joe-clayton“If bypassing commercials is illegal, I guess we’re all a nation of outlaws, according to the major broadcast networks,” Clayton argued in response to claims that network broadcasters are making about the new feature, which allows users to completely skip commercials with one button push on their remote. Several networks have filed suit against Dish Network, a proposition that CEO Clayton seems to enjoy.

Dish has been far from friendly with broadcasters over the last few years, even going as far to argue they could remove less-watched-channels to try and cut costs for its customers. “Quite honestly I’m surprised the rest of the pay-TV industry isn’t standing up more for the rights of the consumers,” he said.

Regardless the company unveiled improved functionality and sling compatibility for the AutoHop service. Dish subscribers will now be able to stream live and recorded content across several devices–both inside and outside of their homes. “We as an industry are rapidly approaching a tipping point,” Clayton added. “How many customers are willing to pay over $100 a month for video content? I don’t know. But we’ll soon see.”

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