DirecTV Joins List Of Potential Buyers For Hulu 1

Satellite TV company DirecTV are said to be an interested party in aquiring the catch-up TV service Hulu, according to Chief Executive Michael White. He said that although DirecTV have not made a “final judgement” on the streaming business, becoming a bidder was an “interesting idea.”

DirecTV in for Hulu?

The boss of the biggest US satellite TV company continued, “What we’re looking for is something that would enable us to accelerate our TV Everywhere. Obviously, it’s critically dependent on the distribution relationships that it has and the contracts that underpin that. So there’s still more for us to learn and we really haven’t made a final judgment on it.”

There are already a host of big name companies looking to buy Hulu including Yahoo, Apple,AT&T and Google after the site’s owners recently signalled they were looking for a buyer.

Hulu are hot property after reporting a second quarter net income up 29%, which was better than expected, and adding ab additional 472,000 new subscribers in Latin America.

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