On Demand Tablets Form Potential Future Of TV

Tablet Computers are one of the key technological advancements of the past few months, a period which has seen on-demand TV also develop into a much more competitive form of viewing TV content. So it seemed almost inevitable that the two formats would join together to create a real contender for a claim to be the ultimate TV viewing method.

From the tablet that started it all, the iPad to new contenders such as Rims blackberry Playbook and the Samsung Tab, tablets have the perfect screen, the battery power to allow long term viewing (iPad 10 hours), and the portability to literally watch TV anywhere in the home, or work!

With the dropping costs of tablet PC’s and the anytime, anywhere approach of catch-up and on-demand TV websites (such as BBC iPlayer), could this approach be the next big method to take off amongst content viewers?

In fact many compare a tablet to a notebook leaving new users dissapointed with tablet restrictions. But maybe users should be looking at the tablet replacing the TV set? Related reading: On-Demand Entertainment And Tablets Could Be A Match Made In Heaven

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